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Sculpt & barre workouts with Gabby are UNREAL! I’ve been taking classes with Gabby in NYC for 5+ years and when this platform launched in March, I’ve pretty much taken class everyday. I block time on my calendar because these classes have kept me sane during this crazy time. As someone who does barre and pilates regularly, I can honestly say that these classes never get easier. The choreography is always changing, nothing feels repetitive and Gabby’s energy/music is always 100%. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m in better shape from these classes in quarantine than I’ve ever been. Gabby’s classes are for everyone and she offers modifications for almost everything.

—  HW

Gabby's online classes are, in my opinion, MORE challenging than most other classes I've taken in person before and I am never disappointed with the results! Her method is the perfect balance of targeting muscle groups and bursts of cardio that leave me dripping in sweat every time. She also does an excellent job of paying attention to everyone's form and switching up routines, which makes the class personalized & never-boring. I'm always sore (in a good way) and can't rave enough about it!

—  JV

Never loved working out until I discovered Formation! Changed my life! 

—  KS

I liveeee for Gabby's barre classes! Before I found her class, I was taking barre at several different well-known studios in the city. They were always “good”, but then I stumbled upon Gabby's class one day and I knew afterwards that I wouldn’t be going back to any of the other studios. I fell in love with her teaching style, class energy, music, and just how hard she pushes us. Gabby always takes the time to explain the movements and she helps correct each of us with our form, which is something I don’t think many instructors are patient enough to do. I’ve been taking Gabby's barre class regularly for a year and half now and I swear by it. It truly is one of the hardest (but greatest) workouts and it has made me so much stronger and leaner. Even during this crazy time where we’re all working out from home, she has still somehow captured that same energy and the classes are better than ever.

—  JS

When shelter in place orders hit, I was bummed about not being able to go to the gym or attend my running classes. Thank God I found Gabby’s live workouts. GABBY BRINGS THE HEAT. From her choreography, to her playlists, thorough guidance and overall energy every single class- She makes working out FUN! Most importantly, she’s knowledgeable and emphasizes proper form with every move & sequence. Thank you, Gabby for showing up every day & giving it your all to create an inclusive community- you’re an inspiration. Looking forward to more classes with you and compliments from friends regarding how toned I look.

—  MS

Gabby Muzzarelli is an incredible leader. Her Barre and Sculpt classes have been a Godsend throughout this unsettling time.  I have been taking class with Gabby since 2017. Since then, I’ve experimented with different workouts, and unlike other instructors Gabby has pushed me beyond my limits and allowed me to build my body to it’s strongest capacity.  The crazy part about her classes is that they never get easier, my body feels just as challenged with each class I take.  I am so lucky to know Gabby and to be able to take her classes each day. As an avid runner, these classes have allowed me to have the strength to continue running.  Not to be intimated though, Gabby’s classes fit every athletic ability. Whether you’re pregnant, just beginning to get into shape, or a full time advanced athlete she will ensure your body gets what it needs and deserves.  I will continue to do Gabby’s classes everyday as they have not only allowed me to get into my best shape but have also provided me sanity in my crazy life!  I encourage beginners and advanced athletes to try her class out you will definitely not regret the burn!

—  CW

I NEVER  break a sweat. Like, it can be 100 degrees out and nothing. But in the first 10 minutes of Gabby’s class, I start pouring sweat. It’s amazing. She is super efficient with the time in class, and I really feel like her classes pack in the maximum workout in the minimum amount of time. My legs literally are shaking during her choreography, and that is very rare for me. She also provides modifications, feedback, and provides choreo with varying degrees of difficulty depending on your level. Her playlists are bomb, her tech set-up is flawless, and her attitude is just so beaming and positive, it’s impossible to not feel great mentally and physically after taking her barre or sculpt classes.

—  EM

I was so happy when I found out Gabby was teaching online because her classes help keep me sane! I would love to hate her, especially when my knees are shaking, my core is crying, I’m drenched in a waterfall of sweat and she sneaks in a “I’m going to hold you at the end for another 5”; (insert crying emoji here) are you trying to kill me Gabby!? But the truth is her energy is SO motivating and makes me push harder. Gabby and her spidey sense knows when you’re feeling like you just can’t give anymore and quickly gives you a shout out as a way of saying, “I see you. You can do it!”. Gabby is a beast in the best of ways and her classes will kick your ass like you never knew you needed. 


PS - Did I mention Gabby‘s playlist’s are great?!? You’ll def want to follow her on Spotify!

—  IC

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